Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil (Australia) 10ml - Native Essentials

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Energizing, refreshing and uplifting, Grapefruit helps to balance oily and congested skin. Helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and aids toxins elimination. Grapefruit has a lively, positive, citrus scent perfect to balance emotions and uplift the spirit. It is used to help with depression and lack of confidence. It's invigorating, cleansing and refreshing properties support general detoxification, and therefore with fluid retention, obesity, and cellulite. Used in skin care for acne and congested skin.


Botanical NameCitrus paradisii

Method of Extraction: Cold pressing of the rind

Color: Bright yellow

Aroma:  fresh, tangy citrus

Yield: 0.8 % to 1.5%

Blends well with:  Bergamot, black pepper, cardamom, clary sage, clove, cypress, eucalyptus, fennel, frankincense, geranium, ginger, juniper, lavender, lemon, mandarin, neroli, palmarosa, patchouli, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, ylang ylang

Therapeutic properties: Antibacterial, antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, depurative, digestive, diuretic, restorative, stimulant, tonic




To calm nerves, promote sleep burn 2-5 drops every 5 hours.



To stimulate the lymphatic system and fight fluid retention add 4-5 drops to every 5 ml of carrier and massage with medium pressure (best if lymphatic-drainage). 



Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours (if skin application). Do not apply undiluted  on children. Do not take internally unless heavily diluted.