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Organic Subscription Plans

You can choose a 3.5kg or a 6kg organic seasonal bag, 6,12,54 deliveries or a 4kg organic green juicing bag 6,12 or 25 delivery plan, or a Baby & Toddler organic bag 6 delivery plan; you will be able to see the options when you click on the bag, make sure you add the quantity 1 for number of bag before adding to your basket. 

A 3.5kg bag usually contains up to 10 different items, while the 6kg up to 12 different items. A 4kg green juicing bag is for green juicing, it contains little amount of fruit, usually one item. A Baby & Toddler bag is specifically designed for your little ones and comes with a simple recipe e-book that you will receive by email (only one time). 

You may ask yourself why, sometimes, you receive more items and sometimes less items, or a different volume of produce as a whole: as items have different weights and volumes, we look at the TOTAL weight of your bag, and we are generous in doing that, we guarantee that you always receive AT LEAST the minimum weight guaranteed in your plan, no doubts!

If for any questions in this regards, please contact us.

The content of a seasonal bag varies week by week, however, you can exclude 2-3 vegetables you do not want to receive and suggest 3 that you like most (on field "Request" at the check out). This is done at the beginning of your subscription and must be confirmed every time you renew your plan. We will do our best to meet your requests, based on season and availability from the farms.

We deliver twice a week in Hong Kong Island, on Tuesdays and Fridays afternoon, and once a week in Kowloon and N.T., on Wednesdays afternoon, as default. You can choose either a Tuesday or a Friday delivery on HK Island (at the check out). 

If you want your bag delivered twice a week, you need to place two different orders: one for Tuesday and one for Friday. If you live in Kowloon or NT we deliver on Wednesday afternoon. 

Some areas in N.T. that are not covered by our usual routes, may have a different schedule, please contact us if in doubt.

We do not deliver on Public Holiday, or under T8, Black rain signals; orders will be rescheduled as soon as possible and you will be notified by email.

Subscribers can add any item, even one only, on top of their weekly delivery, using a special discount code to waive the shipment fee and receive an extra discount during promotional months. Please request your code by email.

If you need more information, please let us know at, we will be happy to help.



PLEASE NOTE THAT your requests for suspensions, cancellations, or additional orders should be submitted to by Tuesday 1pm for a Friday delivery and by Friday 1pm for a Tuesday/Wednesday delivery, as per our cut off times.

Although we will do our best to meet your requests, we can't guarantee to fulfil them when received outside our cut off times.

We do not stock fresh produce, everything is delivered on demand from the farms to us in the morning of your delivery day and shipped out in the early afternoon, to ensure the maximum freshness. If you suddenly cancel/suspend your order, your veggies go wasted; if you order too late, we may not be able to inform our farmers in time.

Thank you for your continuos support and understanding of our procedures... all to deliver to you the freshest veggies! :) 

Please be reminded that Kowloon area and most of N.T., including Discovery Bay, Clear Water Bay and Sai Kung are served on Wednesday only.

If in doubt reach us at







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