Organic Creamy Banana 500g - READ INFO

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Eat Fresh bananas do not look like the ones you find on supermarket' shelves: they are quite short, fat and sometimes come with very greenish or brownish skin, and they have seeds!

Creamy bananas are soft & sweet, a gorgeous piece of fruit.

Creamy bananas are best consume at home, used in smoothie, baby food, dessert recipes.

Even when the skin is bruised and brown, the flesh inside is still white, firm, sweet and good to eat.

Ripe bananas that you can't consume can be frozen (peeled and cut please!) for a few months and used later for smoothie and other recipes.

Do not store bananas with skin on in fridge, as this makes them to ripe even faster and uneven.

Place them in a brown bag on your kitchen countertop and consume fresh within a couple of days.