Organic Free-range Eggs (6 eggs box) Hilltribe Social enterprise

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Certified Organic Free-range Eggs

Hilltribe Organics and Perfect Earth started in 2013 teaching Wawee Village farmers (North Thailand) to produce organic free range eggs, with the goal to move these communities out of poverty through organic contract farming.

Hens are raised with love and care by hill tribe farmers. Enjoy these naturally perfect eggs, knowing that by buying them, you help provide hill tribe families with education, healthcare and a bright future.

No hormones

No antibiotics

No colouring

High in protein

High in Omega 3

Low in fat

Each egg is raceable to the farmer

Every egg has a red code printed on their shell, the code “HTO XXXX” corresponds to the farm where the hens grew up and laid eggs. It allows the consumers to explore more about the farm, the farmer, and the Hilltribe family caring for the hens, and discover the real birth place of their eggs.

By means of this feature, a stronger connection between the consumers, the eggs, and the farmer can be established, and the consumers could be more confident to their food.

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