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Nut mylk! I mean real nut mylk


I've been happily preparing nuts these days and realised today we are officially about to enter Autumn... Makes sense!!!!??
23 September is Autumn Equinox, fromLatin aequinoctium, aequus (equal) + nox (night), when the amount of day time is roughly equal to the one of nighttime.
Anyway, where I was? Nuts.. Happy & excited!
Soak the nut! Soaking breaks the phytic acid present in the skin and ease digestion and absorption of nutrients from this little gems of goodness... Plus tastes much better!
After soaking, either freeze for later use (whatever you are gonna do with them) or sprout (to reactivate, basically bring them back to life!) and dehydrate them to make them last longer at room temperature... And they taste divine!
Nut mylk! I mean real nut mylk, not the one you buy at supermarket with 2% of nuts in it... Seriously??! Dirty water... I want 20% at least, of fresh, alive and nutrient-dense nut milk, a natural source of protein, vitamins & minerals. Fun, easy, quick to do once you have a few basic tools: soak 1 cup of nuts, add 3-4 cups of water, optional sweetener of your choice, blend, strain with a nut mylk bag and refrigerate. Done 1 liter. And keep the leftover pulp for cookies and bread recipes

So I have now nut mylk in the ref, frozen nuts and nuts pulp for smoothies or other recipes, dehydrated nuts on the counter top for snacks



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