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Massaged Curly Kale Salad & Mushrooms

Massaged Curly Kale Salad & Mushrooms

Dark leafy greens have been celebrated and embraced for reducing inflammation and associated conditions. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as vitamin A, selenium, and beta cryptoxanthin are just a few powerful anti-inflammatory agents in vegetables, particularly leafy greens like our beloved curly kale.
Packed also with finer, iron, calcium and healthy fats, leafy greens are a great option for healthy, light and nutrient-dense dishes.

Some people dislike curly kale for its slightly bitter tasteā€¦ actually, bitter vegetables are must have in our diet, as they help with digestion and help keeping sugar cravings at bay.

One easy way to include curly kale in our meal, is preparing a massaged salad, where you literally massage the curly kale leaves with some lemon juice, salt and olive oil, let sit for minimum 30 minutes and then drain to remove some bitterness, soft the texture and let the fermentation starts, so that it become even more digestible and its nutrient more readily available for assimilation.

I love preparing a big bunch of this massaged curly kale salad and store in fridge as a base for my dishes; it last well a few days.

Today I matched with leftover of mushrooms, fresh celery that is lightly saute in olive oil, some cashew nuts and a simple avocado and yogurt dip (just because I had it ready :) Super easy and lunch is ready!


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