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One Carrot, One Juice ... and more!

As simple as you see:

One Carrot, One Juice ... and more!

Kuroda Shin carrots are one of the last addition to our veggie menu and they are already a best seller!

Not only the are great for juicing, but also for many other recipes: they are juicy and sweet and kids love them.. the little hands holding carrot and juice is my son ;) and the glass of juice is what we got out of one single carrot of similar size with out slow mastication juicer!

karuda shin carrot resized


And please, do not discharge the pulp left over (not even what is left inside your juicer!) is it good to be added to your favorite salad, cooked in broth or soup or fresh in a fresh a fun snack like this one:


In a glass jar, simply start with a layer of carrot pulp, add 1/3 spoon of coconut oil and mix.

I had an orange and I sliced 1/4 or less (no skin); half a medjool date, literally, pit removed and chopped; some cacao nibs, and some chopped cashew nuts (or whatever nuts you prefer); a spoon of raw honey, or coconut nectar, or Yacon syrup, or your favorite low GI sweetener.


Enjoy or close the lid and take with you. Keep well 2 days in fridge.

How about you? What would you prepare with carrot pulp?


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