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Heavenly Avocado - Limited Availability!!!!


Avocados are TEMPORARILY available for purchase. Why do I say temporarily? Because we will get them on Monday and will deliver them ALL within that week, as we only provide the freshest products. If you want to order them you should do so right now, right here.

Unbeatable price! Each avocado is around 500 gr. You are basically buying 3 of the big avocadoes you would normally find in supermarkets! UNBEATABLE!

Did we tell you they are heavenly??????!!!! We ordered a test batch few weeks ago and our “guinea pigs” said they were absolutely heavenly. Now you get why we called them heavenly avocado!

Quick quick! They will sell like hot cakes!

How to store Heavenly Avo: these avocado will not change much the colour of the skin, they are very green and so they will remain, with some brown spots. It is normal! If they are still quite firm, leave them at room temperature, in order to not interrupt the ripping process; once they softened a bit, you can eat them or store in fridge up to 1 week (to be conservative!); I have also scooped and frozen their pulp for a later use, in fact it works fantastic, for example, in smoothies or for this vegan avocado ice cream recipe here!heavely AVO

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