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The Heavenly Avo Ice Cream!

The Heavenly Avo Ice Cream!

A super easy and yummy ice cream to cool down in Hong Kong these days! have we had a hotter May lately?
Oh I forgot... the ice cream is vegan, super kids friendly and super nutritional. Made with our new super Heavenly avocado and our creamy bananas plus coconut milk and chia seeds!

Yesterday, my boy had it for lunch at school, I wasn’t really sure how it would have kept till lunch time... considering that I made it in 5 minutes, fresh in the morning...he said it was delicious and could not finished two portions as he felt very full & happy best part: his friends said it was very good too, yeah for mom!

I think the trick was to use ALL pre frozen ingredients and to keep the empty lunch box (which is supposed to be used for hot lunches in the fridge overnight; I also used one compartment to sneak in a reusable ice pack
Result: a bit soft but still cold

I had it for breakfast too and felt full till lunch time.
But why don’t have it for dessert or snack? You can use the empty avocado skin, frozen overnight, to serve it, isn’t it cute?


Half supersize Eat FRESH Avocado,frozen
2 Eat FRESH creamy banana, frozen
1 cup coconut milk, frozen
1 TBSPS chia seeds, presosi in water and then frozen

You may want to break avocado and bananas in smaller pieces

I like to freeze coconut milk and other stuff like chia seeds in small sizes, they are always ready to be popped into my blender for super cold results!

A sweetener of your choice, if needed, just a bit really


Everything in your high speed blender... my blendtec has an ice cream function that I think is under 1 minute!

Scoop the ice cream into single size portions, decorate and enjoy... or freeze for later, if you can resist!

Heavenly Avo ice cream

How to store Heavenly Avo: these avocado will not change much the colour of the skin, they are very green and so they will remain, with some brown spots. It is normal! If they are still quite firm, leave them at room temperature, in order to not interrupt the ripping process; once they softened a bit, you can eat them or store in fridge up to 1 week (to be conservative!); I have also scooped and frozen their pulp for a later use, in fact it works fantastic, for example, in smoothies or for this vegan avocado ice cream recipe!

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