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Benefit of Radicchio, in a simple salad

Benefit of Radicchio, in a simple salad

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Radicchio or Italian chicory is a leafy vegetable that has white-veined red leaves. It has a bitter and spicy taste, reason why I love it!, which softens when it is grilled or roasted, if you prefer.  

Different cultivars of radicchio are generally grown by the name of Veneto provincial cities. Chioggia variety has compact, beet-red, bitter leaves. Treviso (my lovely hometown!!!) variety feature long, conical, compactly arranged, less-pungent leaves; this is the most difficult variety to grow, even in Italy, and it is a not-to-miss-out deliciousness to try in many different dishes if you happen to be in Treviso.  Verona is another non-heading type, and has red, open leaves with prominent white veins. 

The key point in adding radicchio to your diet is its bitterness. We all know we have to eat our greens, and the darker the better. But bitter greens like radicchio, as well as arugula, kale, radish, and so many others – have added bonuses for your digestion by promoting bile production, which improves digestion and reduces cholesterol.

Radicchio is a good source of vitamin B, A, C and K, along with a number of antioxidants and phytonutrients, like lycopene (the red pigment prominent in tomatoes as well) and quercetin, which lower inflammation, improve endurance, fight pain, to name a few benefits..

So... adding Radicchio to your plate helps in

Encouraging digestion and colon cleansing
Fighting intestinal worms and parasites
Fighting pain 
Inducing satiety to make you feel full quicker and longer
Encouraging weight loss
Controlling that sweet tooth (almost 4 weeks in my sugar-free challenge, you don't know how much it helps :)

All that said, let start enjoy Radicchio in salad.... how would you create yours?  

Radicchio, carrots (very often carrot leftovers from my juice, you can store them in fridge in an airtight container up to 3 days), green lettuce, Italian seasoning and it is a great start of a meal, sometimes even for my salty breakfast :) 


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